Monopoly Live Strategy Guide Winning Strategies for 2023

It’s worth noting that strategic gameplay and money management strategies are key in the MONOPOLY Live game show. One strategy you can consider is targeting a 10x multiplier and implementing a progressive betting system after experiencing 9 consecutive losses. This approach aims to take advantage of the potential for a 10x multiplier and additional multipliers, which can lead to significant winnings. 2 Rolls/4 Rolls- Monopoly Live features a bonus game that can be activated by placing a bet on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls space betting space. Once the wheel lands on a 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls space, the bonus game is activated.

  • You can repeatedly click or tap it to remove bets one by one in the reverse order of placement.
  • These platforms accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, allowing players to enjoy the game using digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or others.
  • No, you cannot play for free, but some casino offers no deposit bonus.
  • The position on the wheel where it sops will pay according to the amount you have wagered on that specific number.
  • This is particularly relevant in the Coin Flip mini-game within the bonus feature.

Evolution Gaming is absolutely confident in giving you the thrills of Monopoly in this 24/7 filmed version with one of our hosts. This strategy is as simple as pressing Bet All on each round and taking the chance. The benefits are that you will always recover some of your initial bet on each round and never miss the chance to qualify for the bonus game. There are some aspects of that are hidden to players until they’ve experienced the game for the first time. Below, we’ve compiled tips and tricks that punters should remember for winning purposes. Monopoly Live, released in April 2019, provides the same core experience to players worldwide that they have come to expect from Evolution Gaming.

#1- Monopoly Live Martingale/Reverse Martingale

These services employ complex mathematical calculations to predict the probability of certain outcomes. By leveraging these resources, players gain valuable insights to inform their decision-making process and potentially optimize their gameplay strategy. MONOPOLY Live provides an opportunity for strategic gameplay by utilizing analytics and wheel spin statistics. Firstly, they can personally track their own data by accessing their round history and diligently recording the cumulative outcomes. This allows them to identify patterns and trends that might impact their future bets. Mr. Monopoly will move around the 3D MONOPOLY board, collecting your cash and multiplier prizes.

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The game host will spin the wheel again, and your winnings will be multiplied by the awarded multiplier. If you receive another multiplier, your existing multipliers will be further multiplied. For example, if you bet €100 on segment 5 and you receive a Chance card with an 8x multiplier, your total winnings would be 100 x 5 x 8, which equals 4000. If the subsequent spin triggers a Bonus game, you can only win if you placed a bet on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’.

Monopoly Live Bonus Features

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Additional rolls can be won if doubles are won, and should the cumulative rolls see Mr. Monopoly pass “Go” the amounts will be doubled. Playing Monopoly Live isn’t as complicated as one would imagine, nor is placing a bet. The other positions include the word “chance” and 2 and four rolls. By placing bets one of these positions, players are betting on the fact that the wheel will stop where they’ve indicated.

Wins in our Monopoly Live Game

View history for spins and watch the biggest wins that have landed. MONOPOLY Live is developed by Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of live casino games and software solutions. In terms of the Return to Player (RTP) percentage, the optimal theoretical RTP percentage for MONOPOLY Live is 96.23%. This percentage represents the average amount that players can expect to receive back from their bets over an extended period of gameplay. Bit Starz presents an extensive selection of casino games, encompassing slots, table games, live casino experiences, and more. The spinning history of the wheel and the outcomes of recent game rounds are presented in real time on your screen, accompanied by a text version of the live stream. Since both Luck cards on our board are bonuses awarded even if you haven’t bet on them, no RTP applies.

You need to have placed a bet on the winning 2 Rolls/4 Rolls space to qualify for the bonus game. This strategy plays it safe by solely betting on 1 and 2 which have the monopoly live highest number of available segments on the wheel. You can expand this strategy to include 5 and 10 but the basic strategy is to avoid bonus game bets altogether.

Play responsibly, please !

But most importantly, by betting on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS and if the Wheel lands on them, you trigger the best mode. Bonus Game- During the bonus game, you are transported to the Monopoly board and awarded 2/4 rolls on the dice. Mr Monopoly will start at Pass Go, the two dice are rolled, and Mr Monopoly will move around the board collecting the multiplier of any space he lands on. If you roll a double, then you get an extra roll to collect even more. The round ends once all rolls have been used with the final accumulated multiplier being applied to your activating bet.

The TOTAL BET indicator displays the total amount of all bets placed in the current round. The REPEAT button allows you to repeat all bets from the previous game round, but it’s only available before placing the first chip. Once you’ve selected a chip, place your bet by clicking or tapping the corresponding bet spot in front of the wheel.

For instance, if you win with number 5, you receive a payout of 5 to 1, while number 10 pays 10 to 1, and so forth. Additionally, the original bet placed on the winning segment is returned along with your winnings. When no more rolls are available, the Bonus game concludes, and all your Bonus winnings, along with your initial bet, are paid out. No, you cannot play for free, but some casino offers no deposit bonus. When we developed Monopoly Live and as such revolutionized the world of gaming with this classic, we immediately understood that today’s players are not the same as yesterday’s.

If the wheel lands on ‘4 ROLLS’, the dice will be rolled four times. If the wheel lands on a ‘CHANCE’ segment, you will receive a card containing either a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. It takes 3 minutes on average to start playing our live Monopoly game for the first time. Please note that our table is only available in real-time and for real money.

Indeed, we need to compensate our hosts 24/7 and finance the progress of each game! Once you’re ready to play Monopoly Live, learn the rules in the rest of our article. This is due to a greater number of positions being reserved for smaller numbers, and they, therefore, land more frequently. By following this strategy, it allows punters to balance their bankrolls while waiting for the larger numbers positions to land or the chance and bonus game to go into effect. Yes, it is possible to communicate with the live dealer of MONOPOLY Live. The live dealer interacts with the players through a live chat feature during the game.